technology is fast and easy to implement

The is easy to evaluate and implement by inserting a plug-in into the survey screen. The ‘black box’ runs on the cloud, sees only survey response data, and pushes the results to an API and reporting engine.

  • The survey taker experience is identical

  • Customer gets the enhanced survey results through an API

  • provides performance reporting

developed in biometric labs, refined through consulting, productised and democratized through software



laboratory to measure, filter,

and understand brain activity

and biometrics on human


- brain waves (EEG)

- galvanic skin response (GSR)

- eye-tracking (ET)



- scientific and academic research labs

- marketing agencies for ad and concept validation

- content creators, including hollywood, to measure audience response



combination of neuroscience and psychology tools to understand explicit declarations with implicit emotions

- consulting to improve quality of survey results and remove bias

- ‘behind the scenes’ customer and employee experience improvement



- high-end survey and focus group providers

- most high end consultancies

- agencies looking for research

- brands that are looking to increase customer and employee outcomes



leveraging emotion analytics into responses for digital interactions using AI in scalable and embeddable software

- combine what customers say and feel for more accurate business decisions

- add emotional metrics that predict behavior



- application providers in the customer and employee experience space

- digital survey providers

- brands that are building their own customer and employee experiences

backed by research

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emotional insights

speed and simplicity of binary scale

User Experience improvement with binary scale enhanced with reduce speed and complexity of surveys.